Welcome to the Dragon Village Wiki! In this site, you will see the weaknesses of the dragons. The photos will be coming soon! If you have any questions, be free to comment!

About Dragon Village

Dragon Village is a cool game where you can earn gold, cash, xp, food and even dragons! You also can combat with other players with the new combat format!

Game creator: Ike Lim

Game assistant: Kiefer Ong, Lucas Lim, Mackitt Loh

Special thanks: Lucas Lim, Kiefer Ong

About Lucas Lim

Lucas Lim is the brother of Ike Lim. He gives him ideas of how to create the game but.....he seldom plays Dragon Village and plays Dragon City and Monster Legends on Facebook. Those are cool games! You should go play them!

About Kiefer Ong

Hmmmmm.....not much about Kiefer Ong. He plays Dragon Village every weekdays. He helps Ike create dragons and he also loves to play Dragon City. Well, I guess about 10 000 000 people play Dragon City. I gotta admit, it really is a cool game!

About Mackitt Loh

Mackitt Loh also helps out with creating dragons but he doesn't play Dragon City. He plays Dragon Vale instead. I haven't played Dragon Vale for a while so I'd better try it out!




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